Mike Phillips, singer/songwriter, actor and voice actor

Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips has been singing since he was a kid, when he used to wash dishes with his brothers and direct them in 3-part harmony. While those days are gone, sadly, the dishes are not, and now keeping a clean house is not as much fun. 🙁 Mike devotes his time to writing, singing, acting, performing voice overs, and connecting with other like-minded artists.

His style ranges from pop and country to rock ballads and lyrical classical baritone/tenor songs. He also composes and arranges for other artists, including orchestral music and other original instrumental pieces.

Mike was born in Hollywood, in an “emergency” birth, so he figures show business is in his blood. He welcomes the opportunity to co-write, perform, and network with other artists. He plays piano, guitar, and has 3 little furballs (kitties) named Raindrop, Quasar, and Peaches.

Formal Training

Mike earned a B.A. in Music from U.C. Irvine, as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in Choral Conducting, also from U.C. Irvine. Mike received a University Regents Fellowship Scholarship for his Master’s degree. He also directed a church choir for over 16 years and has performed countless solos on the piano, as well as having written many choral and instrumental works which he performed or conducted over his long career.

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