I have spent most of my professional life teaching in some capacity. Accordingly, I offer lessons and coaching in the following:

  • Singing, the right way, emphasizing bel canto school techniques to develop and strengthen your voice
  • Songwriting
  • Music Theory
  • Piano
  • Acting

Some of my younger students, after studying with me, went on to audition and be accepted at the local performing arts high school in Orange County, CA. I emphasize musicality, expressing the character of the music or role, as well as execution of proper technique. Even though I myself have studied voice and piano for years, I still study with a coach. Continual study breeds perfection.

One of my students said to me, “It takes 5 years to learn to be a good piano player. I’m too old to start studying now!”

I said to him, “How old will you be in 5 years if you don’t start studying piano today?”

He got the point, and began his journey. Don’t let your age, or concern over your talent level, stop you from participating in music or acting. Life is too short not to enjoy these wonderful and fun activities.


I charge $85 per hour for lessons in any category, for lessons in which you come to my studio in Huntington Beach. I can come to you if you live in Orange County, in which case the rate is $95 per hour. Please contact me to get started today.

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