Mike Phillips, singer/songwriterI have been writing music since I was a wee lad (for Gen Y, or “Echo Boomers” (God that term cracks me up!), that’s English for a “young pup”).

My style tends to favor pop, country, and folk. I do all styles however, and I:

  • Compose and arrange orchestral music,
  • Write movie themes and commercial jingles,
  • Compose and arrange choral and instrumental works of all kinds.

Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning a work for your instrumental enemble, symphony, or choral ensemble.

Musically, I am available for concerts, charity events, corporate and private parties. I request a piano or keyboard, and a decent amplification system for vocals, preferably wireless if possible. I only ask that we do decent sound checks prior to curtain call.

Lyric Samples

Click here for samples of some of my lyrics. Actual song samples to come.

Are You A Songwriter?

I am looking to connect with local songwriters for opportunities to co-write major hits in the pop, country, rock, boy-band, latin, and ballad formats.

If you are interested, I would love to communicate with you and discuss the possibility of working together. Let me say up-front, I have a very simple but strong rule for co-writing: each co-writer receives equal credit, no matter the resulting amount of lyrics/music put into the song. That means if we work on lyrics together, and you contribute just one word, you co-wrote half the song and you will get half the lyric credit with me.

Here’s why I do this: nothing stops the creative process more than worry and fear, which is exactly what tussling over what percentage of credit becomes. Plus, an even more important point is this: each person is such a vast reservoir of limitless infinite depth, that it is just not possible to truly know how much each contributes. What if you said something that inspired me and sparked an idea that I would not have had without you?

If you are interested in a truly creative, fun, fair, and exciting atmosphere, then please contact me so we can start those residual checks rolling in!

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