© 2008 Mike Phillips

Tonight I’m Lonely in Love
If you have to know
Feels like I’m only in love
With the afterglow
Of lingering sighs
And drinks from your eyes
These were the highs
I used to know!
Feels like I’m dating a dream
Or a déjà-vu
A night of waiting extreme
In this fantasia blue
I miss the sweet smile
You shared for a while
And the charm and the style
Of impossible you.
How can I stand this much more?
All alone, right next to you!
The man who’s holding the door
While you postpone your walking through!
Well, I have been here before
Just a man in a drawer!
Well I’ve got news for you:
Darling, this time’s adieu!
And so I’ll find a girl who listens
A lovely pearl who glistens
And lights up when I walk into the room!
I’ll go where I’ll be wanted
Although there I’ll be haunted
By pleasant-smelling “what if’s” in full bloom!
‘Cause I’m so Lonely in Love
Holding empty hands
And I know the above
Requires a change of plans
For nothing can grow
In sleet or in snow
Well it’s 30 below
You’re still making demands!
And so I’ll catch a train to ‘Frisco
And fry my brain in Crisco
At least I’ll taste delicious á la carte!
Then hike my way to Denver
Forgetting to remember
How much I love high heels upon my heart.
I feel so Lonely in Love
Prepare to weather this
‘Cause I’ve had more than enough
Unshared togetherness
So enjoy your nights out
But for us it’s lights out
For my heart’s in a drought
And I’m better without
Being Lonely in Love

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